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Our Supporters

Eva Crane Trust

We thank the Eva Crane Trust for funding the Resource Centre. Their kind contribution will give free access to a wealth of resources for many years to come. 

Our contributers

Images & Videos

We thank the many contributors, who over the years have allowed us to use and share their images, videos and words. 


For images and videos used in the design of this website we thank:

  • Masaai Honey
  • Steven Muwanguzi
  • Olivier Mugliore
  • Robert Mutisi
  • Keystone Foundation

Our contributers


We thank our partners and Apiculture Centres of Excellence in Uganda, Ghana, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe for their continued support and contribution to our work.


For their continuing contribution, we thank:

  • The Uganda National Apiculture Association
  • Bees for Development Ghana
  • Bees for Development Ethiopia
  • Working for Bees (Zimbabwe)

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