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Here you will find reports of various workshops which have taken place all round the world.

An important function of Bees for Development is linking together diverse organisations, facilitating knowledge sharing and joint problem solving. One means of doing this is by organising conferences and workshops and ensuring the records of these are widely available as workshop reports or proceedings. The links below take you directly to these workshop reports while the links take you to proceeding of other apicultural conferences and symposia.

These proceeedings and workshop reports contain a wealth of practical information, photographs and presentations that can answer many detailed queries about beekeeping.

Honey Trade Workshop Proceedings

First Bees for Development African Honey Trade Workshop - August 2005

The Workshop took place for two days prior to the Apimondia Congress in Dublin, Ireland and was organised as part of our DFID/BLCF Project on African Honey.

Bees for Development. 2005. Proceedings of the First Bees for Development African Honey Trade Workshop.  click here to vie buy the CD online

Second Bees for Development Honey Trade Workshop - October 2006

Following the success of Bees for Development's first Honey Trade Workshop, which took place prior to the Apimondia Congress in Ireland in August 2005, we organised a second, African Honey Trade Workshop held in Kampala, Uganda in October 2006.

Bees for Development. 2006. Proceedings of the Second Bees for Development African Honey Trade Workshop. click here tobuy the CD onlinee

Caribbean Congress Proceedings

Collins, P. & Solomon, G. 1998. First Caribbean Beekeeping Congress, Tobago, West Indies. click here to view in our bookstore.

Ngunjiri, P. 2002.  Proceedings of the Second Caribbean Beekeeping Congress. 

McLaren, L. E. (ed) 2005. Proceedings of the Third Caribbean Beekeeping Congress. click here to view in our bookstore


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