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Practical Beekeeping

This collection consists of four areas of practical information: a series of ‘how to’ videos to empower both beginner and experienced beekeepers; a comprehensive set of training manuals to assist the beekeeper trainer; publications demonstrating the power of beekeeping in development; and, factsheets on frequently searched areas of interest.

'How to' Guides

Practical beekeeping step-by-step. These how to guides are designed for beekeepers looking to get started or adapt their skills.  Mostly videos and filmed on location, they seek to show how keeping bees can be accessible for everyone.

Training Materials

A comprehensive set of training materials intended to assist beekeeper trainers. Our modules are designed for the African context, but many principles can be applied elsewhere – also included are comprehensive lesson plans for each training session. Other materials include training posters, videos and audio guides. As we become more disability inclusive, we are slowly producing an archive of disability specific tools that can be found in this collection.

Beekeeping & Development Guides

Our Beekeeping and Development Guides explain the importance of creating direct links between beekeepers and buyers and how this can be achieved. The guides go on to provide information for honey packers and those interested in accessing the global honey and beeswax market. They are not about harvesting and processing honey nor are they  beekeeping training manuals.

Drawing from experiences in Uganda, Cameroon, Zambia and many other countries, the Guides are a relevant and useful resource for anyone interested in the beekeeping and development sector.


Our beekeeping factsheets provide clear, definitive information on key topics of interest to practitioners working in beekeeping development.

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