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Printed resource box application

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International mail delivery takes several weeks, and the Covid-19 crisis may lead to additional delays. Funding constraints prevent us from using courier services for dispatch.

It is of great importance that you provide as much notice as possible of your requirement for printed resources. We will endeavour to send materials, but if your request is less than four weeks before your event, or your country is featured on Royal Mail’s suspension list, then we cannot help with printed materials – you can still access digital copies online

Who should apply?

Access to our printed resource boxes is restricted to those from developing nations. If you or your team are running a training workshop or attending an event to promote beekeeping, then you may apply below. 

If you are ineligible for free printed resources, you can purchase them on our Online Store


We would appreciate receiving feedback and accompanying images after your event, for potential inclusion in Bees for Development Journal.
This information helps us also when applying for funding support to produce more Resource Materials

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