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Welcome to Bees for Development’s Resource Centre. Here you will find a vast range of bee-related information, much of it unique to this site. The purpose of the Resource Centre is to empower beekeepers and beekeeper trainers to develop beekeeping to strengthen sustainable livelihoods worldwide.

Who is this resource centre for?

Beekeeping is a viable addition to many livelihood programmes. The materials in our Resource Centre provide a wealth of information which can guide programme developers to design effective, sustainable beekeeping projects. Through using our Resource Centre we hope programme developers are able to promote contextually appropriate beekeeping methods and will avoid placing undue emphasis on beehive donations – as such projects often lead to unmet expectations.
Many of our users are members of beekeeping groups, cooperatives or businesses that train other beekeepers. We have a variety of tools and resources such as training manuals, posters and guides that can help support your beneficiaries.
Knowledge and skills are a beekeeper’s most crucial assets. We provide effective training pathways and reliable advice to beekeepers around the world who would otherwise have no access to educational resources to keep bees successfully. All beekeepers will be able to benefit from access to our instructional videos and our quarterly Bees for Development Journal.
Our Resource Centre contains an extremely comprehensive wealth of resources of interest to researchers and students. Please be aware that our Reference Collection sign-posts people to articles and resources which are not downloadable from this website, but can be accessed elsewhere.
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